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We pride ourselves on servicing our customers by applying the correct solution for your pumping needs. We have been certified manufacturers’ representatives for 30 years. Our customers take for granted that their requirements are met in a timely manner with same or next day competitive quotations, job site visits, and quick responses to emergency situations.

Dolores, our president and founder maintains a “hands on” interest in all phases of the business. Our Senior Sales Engineer, Mike, is expert in all aspects of design and applications.

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Pump and Control Systems

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Stancor Pumps

Oil Minder® Control

Thousands of Stancor Oil-Minder® systems are used by environmentally conscious companies throughout the world. Major industrial, commercial and non-profit institutions have discovered that the best way to protect valuable equipment, personnel and the environment is with the Stancor Oil-Minder® System. Applications include hydrocarbon sumps, elevator pits, washdown tanks, manufacturing facilities, transformer vaults and substations. Our commitment to quality and reliability is the same whether the application is the largest US Embassy in the world ( Beijing) or a small town utility co-op in rural South Dakota.


As a leading designer and manufacturer of electric submersible pumps and controls, Stancor is qualified to pro- vide both standard and customized systems to meet virtually any specification. Packaged systems, complete with heavy duty tanks, covers, and internal plumbing are available from our factory. Our engineering staff will help you design the right control and pump for special applications. Stancor pumps are available from 1/2 HP to 75 HP, so we always have the right equipment for the job.

Federal Pumps

VSPS Duplex Booster Systems

General Product Overview : Furnish and install where shown in the plans a Federal Pump Series VSPS Duplex Variable Speed prefabricated system designed to deliver the scheduled flow and pressure differential as shown in the plans. System will require a single power connection to the System Monitor Panel and a single suction and single discharge piping connection. All other wiring and piping internal to the prefabricated system will be provided by the pump manufacturer. Complete system shall be a product manufacturered in the City of New York by a licensed and registered USA pump manufacturer. Pump system shall be warranted for a period of 3 years from the date of shipment.

System Materials: System shall include Cast iron/bronze fitted close coupled pumps with back pull out design each rated GPM and PSI as shown in the plans. Motor HP, RPM and voltage shall be supplied to meet system design conditions and rated as shown in the plans. Pumps shall be provided with mechanical seals. Pumps shall be rated 125% of system design pressure. Interconnecting piping shall be supplied in lead free copper construction with all isolation valves and check valves provided in brass construction All potable water pump system materials will meet SDWA requirement for minimum to zero lead as amended 1.1.2014. Pumps, valves piping and controls shall be fabricated and tested for 100% performance range testing and hydrostatic tested to 125% of design pressure. System shall include suction and discharge mounted pressure gauges for visual indication o system conditions.

System Controls: Booster system will be provided with individual pump variable frequency drives sequenced through multiplexing design and provided with individual pressure transducers. The pressure transducers will be installed in the system manifolds and monitor system pressure set point. Each variable frequency drive will be provided with a power disconnect switch that will control the power to the drive. The pressure transducer will provide a 4-20mADC proportional signal to each drive to increase or decrease the speed of the pump and ensure system design conditions are maintained. Each variable frequency drive will include HOA selector switch, programmable pump process set point, operator keypad with intuitive pump language, multiplex controller where the three drives interact with one another in meeting system requirements, digital readout of RRM, Amps, Hertz, pressure, delay timers (sleep protection) for pump off operation, auto restart after power loss, triplex alternation based upon run times and system set point requirements, low suction pressure cutout and alarm signal.

Sequence of Operation: The system discharge pressure transducers will monitor the discharge pressure of the system to ensure system pressure requirements are maintained. In the event of a drop in system pressure below the set point the pressure transducer will signal the variable speed drive to initiate lead pump operation and increase motor speed thereby increasing pressure output from the pump. The pump will continue increasing speed until such time that system pressure conditions are met. The pump will increase or decrease speed as required by system demand.

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Stancor Pumps

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